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What is a Juice Fast? Learn the Facts

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What is a Juice FastIn order to lose weight, people have different methods to try including juicing. The problem is that many of them do not know what would happen to their body during the fast, which will be explained later. What is a juice fast? As the name suggests, it is a type of fast featuring various options of juices extracted from vegetables or fruits. People can do it either in a normal or extreme way, though. For those who want to lose weight fast, they can choose the second one by replacing all the foods with juices. What about their body? Is it harmless?

Some Changes in the Body

All the questions above may occur among those who never conduct a juice fast. Here is the first thing to know. The majority of people are likely to consume different types of foods including the unhealthy ones for years. The result is that the body starts building up toxins and lead to diseases, pains, inflammation, and other health problems. Fortunately, a simple way is available in order to eradicate those toxins in a gradual manner – juice fasting. During the process, the body is adjusting to new daily intakes which are juices.

The next effect is that the body cells gradually release bad materials or toxins due to the deficiency of solid foods. This leads to the cleansing of the body (detox) and helps the body to get nourished and healed over time. The thing is it may take a little bit longer for some people, due to the fact that they have a different health condition. Usually, the healing process starts on the 21st day of the fast. At the time, the cells start regenerating using the only available nutrients and materials provided by juices.

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Juice fasting has a single purpose, which is to eradicate toxins and wastes within the body. These include toxic materials in the bloodstream, lymphatic system, kidneys, liver, spleen, and much more. Not to mention it helps to eradicate dead cells and remove mucus from the respiratory system. The fact is that a juice fast is good for losing weight as it helps get rid of cholesterol efficiently. No wonder, tons of people start to apply a juice fast in order to get an ideal body weight and better appearance.

The Common Issue May Occur

Despite the benefits, a juice fast has several issues. The most common one is the struggle during the first days of juicing. Without any intakes of solid foods, the consumption of calorie reduces significantly for sure. This leads to a weak physical condition that can last for several days. Have no worries. It is only ephemeral as the body starts adjusting to the situation and regains the strength over time.

Overall, the juice fast is good for many things including weight reduction, detox, and healing. In terms of duration, people can choose differently based on their health condition. In some cases, an extended juice fast becomes popular due to its best results. It is done for about 40 days or more! Still, first-timers should consult an expert before doing such type of diet. As for the tip, they should start a shorter duration like 3 days or a week first.

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