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What Does Green Juice Do for You The Benefit of Drinking It

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Green juice has become the trending among the urban people, for over the last few years. These days, everyone is talking about green juices and often have a question of what does green juice do for you?. The mixed between veggies or fruits can be quite tasty to drink, yet healthy.

What Does Green Juice Do for You?

Many people may logically assume that if they hate vegetables, they will hate green juice. It does not apply to this drink. This juice, when properly prepared will provide a variety of flavors such as a mixture of saltiness and sweetness, spicy and sour, or sour and sweet. Each ingredient produces a unique flavor. By mixing the right ingredients, it will create delicious green juice. Here are a few recipes to make at home.

Broccoli Juice

Plants that belong to cabbage class are known as an excellent antioxidant. The benefits of broccoli juice for the body are preventing anemia, keeping the skin from ultraviolet radiation, boosting the immune system, and maintaining healthy skin and eyes. To be fresher, you can add melon, cucumber and lemon juice in it.

Bok Choy juice

Bok choy is known as a type of Chinese cabbage. In addition to skin and eye health, bok choy juice contains vitamins A and C, which aid the process of digestion. For maximum results, you can also mix with the soursop into the juice. The combination of these two natural green ingredients is also believed to prevent premature aging.

Kale Apple Juice

Apples are an outstanding addition to any juice recipe. Besides, they contain many vitamins, minerals and malic acid to detoxification benefits, digestion aid, cholesterol lowering and improved condition of the skin. There are several kinds of apples to try with the kale.

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What Does Green Juice Do for You?: The Benefit

After choosing the best recipe that suits your needs, it is time to look to what green juice do to your body. By drinking green juice regularly, it could increase your health situation and other advantages. Now let’s take a glance on what green juice really could do.

Contains a lot of vitamin and mineral

Green vegetables such as kale, contain essential minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Potassium is useful to prevent lethargy, diminished reflexes, anemia, and headaches. Magnesium serves to keep the muscles and nerves to function normally and regulate blood sugar levels. While calcium could help strengthens your bones and teeth. Green vegetables are also a great source of Vitamins A, C, and E that act as antioxidants to stimulate the body’s immune system and protect cells from free radical damage.

Keeping the Ideal Body Weight

The fiber in green vegetables helps smooth the digestive system and get rid of the remaining food sediments from our bodies. This process helps us to maintain ideal body weight.

Prevent Cancer

Green vegetables contain carotene which assists in fighting cancer. Carotene protects our body cells from damage, neutralizes carcinogens, relieves inflammation, helps fight tumor cells as well as anti-bacterial.

After reading lot of benefits that green juice could do, have you considered to drink green juices every day? Now it is the best time to put in on your list.



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