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Are slow juicers really better

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It is true juicing is both easy and healthy. What people need is to find a good juicer in the market and buy some fresh vegetables or fruits. One of the types of juicers that are available is called a slow juicer. Are slow juicers really better? As compared to fast juicers, this one indeed has unique benefits and has become people’s favorite out there. It is hard to say slow juicers are better than others. In order to find the answer, everyone should compare both the benefits and downsides of the tool. This way, they can decide whether it is worth the money or not.

Best slow juicer hurom hu700Benefits of Using Slow Juicers

Are slow juicers really better? Let’s first talk about the plus points of these tools. As the name suggests, they come with a low speed when it comes to squeezing the ingredients. The good thing is such speed helps retain the most nutrients and taste of the fruits or vegetables. On the other hand, fast juicers might cause oxidation that ruins some nutrients of the ingredients. Simply put, slow juicers produce healthier juices for us.

The next benefit of using slow juicers is related to the efficacy. Are slow juicers really better? It is you to decide. As mentioned earlier, it is considered better when it comes to processing greens like herbs, kale, etc. Why is that? It is because the tool works slowly in crushing the ingredients so it results in a better extraction of nutrients. Even though cold-pressed juicers offer similar results, the slow juicers are considered quieter. That means it does not produce too much noise when operating, as compared to others.

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The Downsides

Now you have learned some advantages of using slow juicers. Are slow juicers really better? Before making a decision, it is better to know some of the downsides as well. The most recognizable one is the absence of pulp/fiber dumping mechanism. This can be a hassle as the pulp might get stuck or left in it. As the result, you should spend more time in cleaning or wash it later. Next, you need to spend more time to produce juices as the machine works slower than others. Is that ok for you?

Another biggest issue of choosing slow juicers over others is the price. It is definitely pricier than centrifugal or other juicers. Despite the fact, buying one is a big investment in the future (especially related to health). Not to mention it doesn’t cause noisy sound when operating, so the babies at home do not get disturbed when you make some juices. Are slow juicers really better?


The answer depends on your needs as each person has distinct opinions. For those with lots of money and love a peaceful atmosphere, they must choose it for sure. On the other hand, you can pick other options if you only need to drink juices without worrying about the quality. Are slow juicers really better? The answer can be either yes or no, depending on customers’ preferences. Are you going to buy it?


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