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Myths vs Facts – Juice Cleanse Weight Loss

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Juice cleanse weight loss is a phrase that probably attracts women’s attention. They believe that taking juice cleanse can cause weight loss. However, they do not know about the further information of juice cleanse diet. Does it help us to get weight loss? These are some arguments about juice cleanse diet.


It affects your metabolism

It is no doubt when we do the juice cleanse diet; our body calories will decrease. Of course, it will disturb our metabolism process. The reason is while taking the juice cleanse diet, we will feel a little bit hungry, but there is a limit intake calorie. So, our body will burn less calorie than usual. Then, does a juice cleanse weight loss make sense? Yes.

It carries some risks

Juicing is always safe but, when you do it continuously, it will get some risks. First, you will experience nutrients deficiencies. It is impossible for you to cover up all of the nutrients only by juicing. Then for those who want to build their muscle, juicing cleanse weight loss is not suitable at all.In the other hand, juicing contains low fat that is very good for your heart health.

It gives some benefits

Juicing cleanse weight loss also brings us beneficial things. For example, juice contains low fat that is very good for your heart health. Besides that, it will help you to get your daily dose of fruit and vegetables easily. Moreover, it will make your body easily absorbs the nutrients because juice is in the form of liquid. The last, the juice cleanse weight loss is an excellent way to reduce produce waste inside our body.

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It brings you starvation

Because we only drink juice, so you will suffer from not eating delicious meals for a while. That will make your body thinner. Besides, juicing also does a detoxification. In fact, our body does not need a juice cleanse or detox. If we do eat healthy food every day, our body will detox the toxins naturally.

It limits your exercise

Having exercise is one way to lose our weight. It will burn our calorie. While doing a juicing cleanse, it will limit your move. You will think what kind of activities you should take. So, it is impossible for you to take the routine exercise that you do as your diet program. Therefore,  it is an ambiguity since many people believe juice cleansing weight loss is a true thing but it prevents us to do some exercise.

Myths vs Facts - Juice Cleanse Weight Loss

Myths vs Facts – Juice Cleanse Weight Loss

It has high sugar

Most fruits are sweet. They contain much sugar. When we make juices, we need a lot of fruits that contain so much sugar. This condition is not good for your blood sugar. Even it comes from natural sugar; it will not be good enough for you. So, a juice cleanse weight loss has one side that might be not good for our health.

From the facts above, we can conclude that the juice cleanse weight loss is possible to do to have a lower body weight. However, we must also consider the risks that may threaten our health. Now, it is up to you whether you may take the risk or not.

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