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How do you make juice in a blender?

How make juice in a blender

The main reason why people love juices is that they want to get the basic nutrients from either fruits or vegetables. In this case, the most common tools to use are blenders or juices. Those who love the whole benefits the ingredients (including fibers) should choose a blender, though. How do you make juice in a blender? As long as it done properly and using the right tool, everyone can do it too. Before discussing the procedure, it is better to know the meaning of juicing. One thing that makes it different from blending is the result it produces. Instead of including the fibers and pulps, people should throw them away and drink the extraction only.

Follow the Procedures!

As the name suggests, a blender is using to blend ingredients especially vegetables and fruits. The fact is it can be use to blend foods and other products even ice cubes. It indeed leaves some mess to clean later, but it won’t be a troublesome issue. Once knowing the fact, it is time to prepare the tool and required items. Many types and brands of blender are available in the market, so it is better to read some reviews before purchasing one. As for some references, Blendtec and Vitamix are good options.

The first step is to place 2 or more cups of water in the machine (depending on the need). Usually, it takes only a cup in order to make two portions of juices. The next preparation is the ingredients, which can be any fruits or veggies. What about hard fruits? In this case, it takes some time to chop them first before putting in the blender. This helps the tool to work efficiently and produce smoother juices for sure.

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As for the additions, sugar is the most common one but people can include anything they love like honey or others. Once everything is included, it is time to blend them well for about 10 seconds (with low power) and extra 20 seconds (with stronger power). Once this procedure is done, it is time to get rid the unnecessary parts. In this case, an item like a strainer or soft towel can be used. What is this for? The key is to squeeze out the juice out the remaining of the blended materials.

The squeezing procedure takes some time and costs a little bit energy indeed. However, it is considered the best way to make juice using a blender. Apart from the soft towel, an alternative is available like using a filter or a blender that comes with a more sophisticated technology. In fact, the newest blender has a feature to make juices and other types of processed drinks!

Cleaning is Necessary Too

In a nutshell, it is easy to make a juice using a blender by following the steps above. It can even be simpler if you use a good tool like Blendtec. Later, once the process is done, the last thing to do is to throw the pulp in compost and wash the machine properly. Have no worries. For better information regarding how to clean and take care of the tool, some sites provide it already.

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