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Is a juicer good for you?

is juicer good for you

Buying either a juicer or blender is worth the expense. It is a vital tool when it comes to juicing, after all. Is a juicer good for you? It is definitely yes. In fact, it should be in the everyone’s kitchen! There is a reason why a juicer is better than a blender, though. It is because the tool helps to extract the nutrient perfectly. That means you can only get the water of nutrients instead of the fibers and pulp of the vegetables/fruits. Another best benefit is that it can accommodate lots of types of ingredients and fill them in a cup efficiently.

Pros and Cons of a Juicer

On the other hand, a blender works by simply blend the ingredients. All parts of the ingredients are mixed together and produce a bulk drink. Even though it is more filling, users are not able to mix lots of products at once due to the limited capacity of the glass and abundant amount of blended materials. Drinking a juice is definitely more efficient due as people can get the entire nutrient from lots of ingredients and drink them at once in a single cup.

With many benefits provided by a juicer, it does not make it a perfect tool to make healthy drinks. For example, people are unable to get fibers from the ingredients. It is because the machine leaves behind the solid parts especially pulp. Have no worries. Users do not have to throw away the pulp and fibers because they can use them for cooking later. Thus, people have no reason not to buy the item. Apart from making a healthy drink, the tool can be used to facilitate fasting and cleansing, after all.

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The next thing to pay attention is a number of calories provided by juices. Using a juicer to produce a healthy drink only gives you the important nutrients from either vegetables or fruits. The fact is that you do not get the fibers, so the amount calories are reduced significantly. In this case, you can include more fruits to increase such amount. What about protein? Well, here is the tip. Adding some ingredients like almond milk and flaxseed can fulfill such necessity.


The Most Common Reason for Using a Juicer

For the next discussion, it is related to the purpose of juicing. Usually, people drink a cup of juice every day in order to achieve some goals like detox and weight loss. Many experts have approved that juicing is one of the most efficient ways to get an ideal body weight. No wonder, a juicing diet becomes popular these days. It is a good and fast method to eradicate fats as long as it is done well.

Overall, a juicer is good for people regardless of age. It helps them to make healthy drinks at home in less than 5 minutes! What about the best product? Well, the price can be quite expensive as many brands are available in the market. Some juicers even have the price of more than $500! So, are you ready to buy one? It is a good investment as it provides tons of health benefits, after all.

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