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How long can you keep cold pressed juice?

how long keep cold pressed juice

A healthy life means everything to everyone. What about you? Even a new trend like drinking a cold-pressed juice becomes is recognized by almost all countries. Actually, it is a method to make an extraction from vegetables or fruits. How long can you keep cold pressed juice?  Usually, it can last about 5 days or more when kept in the refrigerator. How is that? Well, lots of people are not aware yet about how the juices can last that long. The tool works by pressing the ingredients and store the extraction in the bottles.

Learn How It Works First

Cold-pressed juices underwent a thorough process so it results in a maximum amount of juice and nutrients. This explains why lots of people have agreed that it is way much healthier than regular juices. On top of that, you can store it longer and drink the juice later. Here is an important question. Why do different products of have a distinct shelf life as compared to each other? The answer is that they were produced by different manufacturers, which were likely to use a distinct equipment and procedure.

Aspects Affecting the Shelf Life of the Juices

Many factors affect the durability of cold-pressed juices, though. For example, it is the quality of the ingredients. In order to get the best shelf life, producers need to use only clean and fresh fruits or vegetables. The next factor is related to the temperature. Temperature-abused juices are likely to have a short life and lose lots of the nutrients. As for the tip, it is better to keep them less than 5 degrees Celsius, especially during the making. Overall, the key is definitely the correct temperature as well as good storage.

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What is next? It is related to the acidity of the juices. It is said that cold-pressed juices with high acidity (a low pH level) are likely to last longer. No wonder, lemon juices can last longer than other products. Therefore, you can increase the amount of acid by adding lemon to the main ingredients during the process of cold-pressured juicing. As an alternative, choose only fruits or vegetables that are more acidic than others. The problem is that some people do not like lemon or other similar produce, no?

The next aspect that affects the shelf life of cold-pressed juices is the equipment or tool used for making the juices. It is, without a doubt, a high-quality tool is able to produce natural and clean juices. Not to mention the juices would last longer due to correct procedure during the making. One thing, the price of the tool is definitely pricey as compared to regular ones like slow juicers or centrifugal juicers.


As explained above, many factors can determine the shelf life of the juices. If you want to keep them longer, you can use a preservation method (which is not recommended). It is said preserved cold-pressed juices can last up to 1 month! However, it has some side effects due to the presence of harmful substances used for the preservation. So, it is not popular among healthy life enthusiasts.


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