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How does a cold pressed juicer work?


An excellent method like cold-pressed juicing has become a hot topic recently. Knowing the benefits, people start buying the tool to make healthier and more durable juices. How does a cold pressed juicer work? Before talking about the procedure, it is better to know more about such method first. The aim is the same which is to create extraction or juice from vegetables and fruits. So, what makes it different than other juicing methods? It helps retain the most of the nutrients contained in the ingredients. No wonder, it becomes a better method as compared to others.

The Basics Things to Know

When talking about cold press juicers work, it is as simple as separating the juice from vegetables or fruits using a masticating procedure. Simply put, the tool would both crush and squeeze the produce to get the extraction. Why is it better than commercial methods like blending and centrifugal juicing, though? Unlike those tools, cold press juicers do not harm the nutrients. The reason is that it does not produce heat that can destroy enzymes and nutrients of the fruits. On the other hand, blenders and other commercial juicers produce some heat (which is considered a bad thing).

During cold press juicing, no oxidation occurs so the juices become fresher and can last longer. On the other hand, centrifugal juicers work by spinning in order to blend the ingredients. This process may suck air to the extraction and cause oxidation. No wonder, you must drink the juice right away if you do not want to lose more nutrients from it. Usually, it can last only a day after juicing. In contrary, cold-pressed juices remain good to drink for the next 2 days (or more if stored in the fridge).

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Two Determining Factors

When making juices using cold pressed juicers, you need to pay attention to two things. First, it is the tool. Make sure to use a good one as it results in the best extraction. The only issue is that the price is way too expensive. This is why buying the cold-pressed juices in the supermarket is a better option than buying the machine. That means you only spend the money for juices that you need. Still, you can buy the machine as an investment so you can make the juices at home!

Another consideration is related to the ingredients. It is common knowledge that you need only to choose the freshest products. It is true the machine can extract various types of fruits and vegetables, but the fact is that not all ingredients are suitable for cold-pressed juicing. Many experts recommend only the hard-fleshed ingredients. It is because fruits like banana and avocado won’t give much extraction during cold-pressing.

Overall, it is important to learn how cold-pressing juicers work. Not only the information helps you to learn the procedure, but it gives you to decide whether to buy the tool or not. For those with lots of money, buying such juicer is definitely worth the expense. Not to mention they can get the healthiest juices every single day!

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