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How do you juice with a Vitamix?

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Vitamix is recognized as a recommended product to make either blended or juiced fruits/vegetables. How do you juice with a Vitamix? Some people might ask such question due to their lack of experience, though. Those who love juices only want the nutrient and make the ingredients easier to consume. However, the process is longer than simply blending the fruits using the item as they need also to filter the fibers and pulp before drinking. The purpose is only to get the important nutrients and digest them right away. Now wonder, juices are more popular among those who have troubled digestive systems.

Easy Juicing with a Vitamix

The key in juicing using a Vitamix is to increase the amount of nutrient intake from the ingredients. Not to mention you can mix different types of fruits and veggies without worrying about the bulk fibers. One thing that is left is only the nutritious water or juice. Is it as perfect as it sounds, actually? According to some experts, juices are likely to stimulate rapid blood sugar surge than blended drinks. This explains why many people exclude any additives like sugar when making a juice.

Now it is time to discuss how to make a juice with a Vitamix. The first thing to do is definitely to prepare the machine. Make sure all parts are clean and work properly before using it! The next thing to prepare is definitely the fruits or veggies, which can be anything depending on one’s preference. Some people love green juices though and it includes kale, spinach, cucumber, and parsley. Instead of using sugar, it is healthier to use ginger and navel orange! In addition, a pear is also recommended as the extra ingredient.

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After peeling and clean the fruits, it is time to put the chopped ingredients to the machine including 2/3 of water cup and some honey. Usually, it takes only ten seconds or more depending on the preference. However, it only results in blended fruits or vegetables. In order to make a juice of it, you need to find a filter and a bag to squeeze the rest of the pulp and fibers. This is indeed a little bit messy, but it is worth the effort.

What about the Portion?

The amount produced by such process depends on the number of ingredients included during blending. Most of the time, it is good for two large servings! Not to mention people can make it as often as they like, even every single day (juice fasting). Thanks to Vitamix, they can blend ingredients well and make either blended or juiced fruit.

Overall, the hardest part when it comes to making a juice with a Vitamix is the filtering or squeezing after the blending process is done. What people need from juices is the extraction of nutrients of the ingredients, after all. That means they need to get rid of fibers and pulp of the fruits later. Have no worries. It does not sound as messy as it is, especially if it is done using the right equipment.

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