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How do you juice a banana?

How do you juice a banana

Almost all types of fruits can be made into a fresh and healthy juice, including banana. Not only it is simple to make, banana juice provides lots of benefits to health. How do you juice a banana? Before discussing the procedure, it is important to know the reason why tons of people drink it. Banana is one of the most popular fruits in the world and it grows mostly in tropical countries. Despite the fact, all nations do not have problems to stock and distribute them to consumers. What are the benefits of such exotic fruit, actually?

Why Banana Juices?

Drinking banana juice is popular among people regardless of the age. The first reason is that it is easy to make (thanks to the soft texture). Not to mention it leaves not many messes after juicing. What is more? The next reason is that banana contains abundant potassium and nutrients like vitamin C, A, and B. On top of that, drinking a banana juice is fulfilling due to its good amount of calories. This explains why many people use it mostly for juice fasting instead of other types of fruits.

Now, it is time to learn how to make healthy banana juices. The most important part is the preparation, including buying the best banana in the market. Many types of bananas are available, but it is better to choose Cavendish due to its soft texture and sweet taste. That means you do not need to add sugar or honey when juicing later. As for the mixture, 300 ml of water and sweet citrus are the best choices. They would create great aroma as well!

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The next step is the chopping. Make sure to peel and chop them properly before putting in the juicer. Mix all the ingredients and turn on the machine using the lowest power (due to the soft texture of banana). For a banana juice, it usually takes about 10 seconds of juicing. As compared to other fruits, banana has softer flesh so it does not take much time to be extracted. For babies, though, it should take longer in order to provide an easy-to-digest juice to them. If necessary, add some avocado and milk in the mixture!

Many Varieties of Mixture

What about mixed banana juice? Well, it is possible to mix it with other fruits, especially tomatoes. One thing, the procedure takes more time than usual because you need to boil the tomatoes for a while before adding it to the juicer. Apart from tomatoes, some people use other fruits like melon, pineapple, and mangoes! More options are available if people are brave enough to conduct an experience, actually.

Overall, it is easy to make a banana juice due to its soft texture. Almost everyone can make one as long as they come with a good juicer like Blendtec. The juice is also popular due to its tons of health benefits like improving stamina, regenerating cells, preventing constipation, and much more! Another reason people are into the drink is that they can use different types of bananas to make a juice.

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