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How do you juice a banana – Part 2

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In tropical countries, bananas are abundant and these become a good ingredient for juicing. How do you juice a banana? People have different reasons when it comes to drinking a banana juice. Some of them love the taste while the others are aware of the health benefits it provides. For instance, banana juices contain numerous types of vitamins including B, A, and C. Even though many people are excited in drinking a banana juice, some of them might not know how to make one. Do you also suffer the same issue?

How do you juice a banana- banana juice

The Basic Guide

How do you juice a banana? Preparation becomes the most important step, as it determines the taste and quality of nutrients of the juice later. First, make sure to use only the best products of bananas. They should be both fresh and organic. For a single portion, it usually takes 2 bananas. Ripe and sweet bananas are the best for juicing, actually. The next thing to prepare is water, which is about 300-400 ml. As for the additions, you can include sweet condensed milk and ice cubes. The next ingredient is optional, which is sugar or honey.

What is next? How do you juice a banana? After you have prepared all the ingredients, it is time to make the juice. One thing, a blender is the best choice as bananas have a soft texture. If you use a juice extractor, you won’t get the juice or water from the fruits. Once you have prepared the appliance, it is time to peel the bananas. Next, you need to cut them before putting in the blender. Don’t forget to put other ingredients including ice cubes!

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Operating the Blender

How do you juice a banana? Before operating the blender, you should put water based on the need. The next important step is to operate the appliance, which should be done right! For the best result, you can use the moderate speed. Usually, it takes only one or two minutes in order to produce a smooth banana juice. Some experts might say you should avoid over-blending the bananas as it may lead to nutrients degradation caused by oxidation. So, it is better to follow their instruction in order to avoid disadvantages.

For the next information, it is important to choose the best bananas in the market. Unfortunately, not all people know the tips. How do you juice a banana? A simple guide has been explained above. Now it is the time to buy good bananas. Make sure you choose only the ones with fresh bunches. Those bunches should be in the green color, which indicates the freshness and quality of the fruits. Another important tip is to pay attention to the color of the fruits. They should be clean yellow!

Overall, drinking banana juices are good to improve your health. Even though banana juices are popular, some people have an issue when it comes to making one. A basic guide above is indeed helpful for everyone even though you never make a banana juice before. How do you juice a banana? What you need are fresh bananas and a good blender! Don’t forget to add ice cubes and some healthy extras!

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