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How do you do a juice cleanse? The Basic Guide

Benefits of Juicing cleanse

A new and simple way to detox has become a hot topic among modern people these days – juice cleansing. How do you do a juice cleanse? Well, it is a common question among first-timers. In a nutshell, to juice cleanse means to detox! This phase may last for only several days up to weeks, actually. The procedure is that people need to consume only vegetable and fruit juices during the cleansing. The purpose is to reap their nutrient and obtain lots of benefits like getting an ideal weight, healthier system, better mood, etc.

The Basics of Juice Cleansing

The first thing to do is to determine how long juice cleansing would be done. It depends on one’s capability, though. First timers usually can do it for two or three days while experts can last up to one month! Both doubt and fear indeed occur at the first time, but the process becomes more interesting as the day goes by. Have no worries then. The most important thing is that people should not overdo it. It is better to start slow first and improves over time. This way, the body is able to adapt to in a more comfortable manner.

After deciding the duration, the next step is to create a list of vegetables and fruits they are going to use for juice cleansing. Make sure to learn the nutrient contained in them, though. It can be hard for some people, so it is better to come to a nutritionist for a recommendation. As an alternative, they can do a simple research on the internet by reading experiences of others who have successfully done the juice cleansing. It takes some time but the result won’t disappointing so do not worry.

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The last thing to know regarding juice cleansing is the effect. Well, it is the most fun part as people start recognizing some changes in their body. For example, their metabolism will start slowing. Replacing foods with juices indeed reduce the metabolism of the body due to the reduction of energy intake. Do not be surprised with it as the body starts weakening temporarily due to the new adjustment. The first step is always hard so everyone should withstand it no matter what.

Learn the Effects

During juice cleansing, people may experience the calm of appetite as well. Once their body adjusts to the diet, people indeed have a more satisfied feeling even with less food! This is the result of removing any gluten, dairy, and fermented foods from the meal. In order to preserve energy, it is better not to do hard works during the juice cleansing. But a good solution is available by consuming more energy-boosting juices, especially avocado juice.

Overall, juice cleansing is suitable for everyone, especially those who want to detox and reduce some weight. Some people even conduct it in order to get a healthier life and get rid of diseases! Therefore, detoxification does not have to be as extreme as water fasting because juicing provides is considered tastier and more nutritious. Are you interested to try it?

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