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Five Top Juicing Recipes for Cancer

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Cucumber-Carrot-Kale juiceBefore we give you the five top juicing recipes for cancer, let us explain why we take this topic for this article. Everybody knows that once you are sentenced as a cancer survivor, you probably get confused what the best medication you should take is. Because as we understand, a cancer cure cycle needs a long time process.

Therefore, some people who live with cancer sometimes choose an alternative way as their medication, for example, do a juicing program. Furthermore, we will give you five top juicing recipes for cancer that you might try at home. Here are the recipes.

First: Cucumber-Carrot-Kale juice

It is a juice recipe that does not need a great effort. So, you can make it in a short time. The ingredients you have to prepare are:

  • one cucumber
  • eight carrots
  • four leaves kale

The juice processing is simple. First, wash all of the ingredients and cut them into smaller pieces. Then, throw them in the juicer. That is all. If you like a sweet taste, you can add a half of an apple.

Cucumber-Ginger-Beet juiceSecond: Cucumber-Ginger-Beet juice

We are so sure that you are going to like this juice so much because the beets will give you the sweet taste. All you have to prepare in this one of  juicing recipes for cancer are:

  • one cucumber
  • one medium size beet
  • 1/4 piece ginger

The steps you are going to take to make this juice; firstly make sure that all the materials are clean and cut them. Then, you may directly put them into a juicer. And, finish!

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Carrot-cabbage-pineapple juiceThird: Carrot-cabbage-pineapple juice

The combination of carrot, cabbage, and pineapple make this juice become one of the favorite juicing recipes for cancer. Here are the ingredients you may prepare:

  • six up to ten carrots
  • 1/4 purple cabbage
  • pineapple core

We do the same steps to make this juice. First, wash the ingredients then cut them. After that, we proceed them in a juicer.

Apple-Carrot-Broccoli-Beet juice

Fourth: Apple-Carrot-Broccoli-Beet juice

In this juicing recipe, once again we find beets. Beets are great anti-cancer and cleaning. These are the amount of each ingredient you may prepare:

  • one green apple
  • four-six carrots
  • one broccoli stalk
  • one medium beet

The steps you take are the same with other juicing processes. But, you can add squeezed lemon after the juice is ready to make this juice more delicious.

Apple-Celery-Carrot-Baby Bok Choy juiceFifth: Apple-Celery-Carrot-Baby Bok Choy

The last five top juicing recipes for cancer offer you a slightly sweeter juice. This sweetness comes from the green apple. Moreover, there are also carrots that will sweeten your juice. The number of the necessary ingredients are as follow:

  • one green apple
  • six-eight carrots
  • a bunch of baby bok choy

The steps we do are still the same with the normal juicing process. After finishing all the process, you may serve it in a glass. Wow, can you imagine that?

Finally, we can say that some people who live with cancer often get tired of taking long medicine to cure the disease. These top five juicing recipes for cancer may give you a reference about the other way to fight cancer. But, the point is never giving up on yourself and be sure that these juicing recipes for cancer can help you to defeat it soon. Keep fighting!

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