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Do You Lose Nutrients When Blending?

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The terms of blending and juicing are a different thing even though they provide similar health benefits to the body. Do you lose nutrients when blending? Some who love blending are not aware of such important question, though. It is true that blending provides more fibers and antioxidants than juicing. But is it also true the nutrients are reduced during the process as compared to eating raw veggies or fruits? The answer is still uncertain, though, due to many arguments were given by experts or nutritionists. Despite the fact, it is good to know different opinions, no?

Different Opinions among People

Some experts said blending would lessen the amount of nutrient of the fruits or vegetables. Their simple premise is that the process done by the blender may destroy nutrients. Why is that? It is said the process causes oxidation and degrade some nutrients if the ingredient. Well, it is a common issue when it comes to processed foods. In fact, fruits and veggies may lose some nutrients once they are exposed to ultraviolet, heat, and even after harvesting. Not to mention chopping, chewing, juicing, and blending may lead to the same result.

So, the answer is likely “yes” when people ask whether they may lose nutrients when blending. It is because people cannot get the perfect amount of nutrients from fruits or vegetables unless they eat them right away from the farm. Have no worries. Just because they lose some amount of nutrients during the process, does not mean they get an unhealthy drink. Blended fruits and vegetables remain great for dieting and getting a healthier life than junk foods, after all. Not to mention they can do something to preserve the high amount of nutrient by choosing only fresh products and do blending correctly.

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How many nutrients lost during blending, though? It is hard to tell as no proof exists. A statement was made by Dr. Clement, which said blending could lead to more than 90{b9d1fef802fa484b7fc9bb57b7539194d6435bbdb1e714192d3d9abca78efe41} nutrient loss! It was a reckless statement as he could not show any evidence or facts that strengthened his statement. On top of that, lots of fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants that prevent oxidation. That means blending isn’t likely to degrade nutrient significantly!

Preserving the Nutrient When Blending

In order to retain the amount of nutrient of blended fruits or vegetables, you can apply several tips. As mentioned before, choose only fresh products. This requires a little bit attention especially during shopping as many commodities have been in the market for a week or more. No wonder, they have lesser nutrients than the fresh ones. If necessary, you should only buy from local farmers directly.

Even though you are likely to lose some nutrients when blending, it remains considered a good way to eat vegetables and fruits. As long as it is done right, you get most of the healthy materials from the products. Moreover, drinking blended ingredients help you to reduce the intake of unhealthy foods or drinks like processed meats, soda, and others. Also, no proven statements led to a conclusion that blending causes nutrient degradation in a significant manner.

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