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Can you use a Vitamix as a juicer?

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It is likely all modern people love to make juices and enjoy both the freshness and health benefits. However, many types of products are available to make juices. Can you use a Vitamix as a juicer? Such brand of product perhaps has been heard by lots of people but some do not even know about it. It is a renowned blender and has been used by people in different countries. What about juicing? Is the product able to handle such task? In general, Vitamix works by blending the ingredients especially fresh vegetables and fruits.

Using Vitamix as a Juicer

Making a juice means that people need to extract the nutrients or separate the juice of the flesh from the solid part of either fruits or vegetables. On the other hand, blending includes the solid part like fibers and pulp of those ingredients. The thing is Vitamix is considered stronger than regular blenders! Not only fruits and veggies, it is able to grind ice even nuts! Thanks to the powerful motor. Today, in fact, people start taking advantage of the product to make some delicious juices. That means the item is capable to handle such task, which is indeed quite helpful to everyone.

The basic concept of Vitamix is to provide both healthy and quick eating. This explains why many customers are satisfied with its efficacy. In order to know how well Vitamix works as a juicer, people should know several benefits of the item first. In a nutshell, the product both blends and grinds fast! It is even superior to any type of blenders on the market that people have been using before. No wonder, it helps them to make juices and smoothies in an easy and quick manner.

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Not only Vitamix is fast and reliable when it comes to both blending and juicing, but it is also durable. The fact is that the manufacturer provides 5 years of warranty for any problems regarding all the parts of the product. Moreover, according to satisfied users, the customer service is excellent! That means it would be easy to ask questions and helps them when something bad happens to the product. Users can even ask how to use it for making delicious juices!

Some Precautions to Know

Using Vitamix as a juicer is indeed possible and beneficial to everyone. Still, it is not as perfect as people might think. For instance, not all people are able to afford it due to the expensive price as compared to other blenders out there. Next, due to a powerful motor, it produces noisy sound when operating. Despite the weakness, Vitamix remains as a top recommended product people can find in the market when it comes to blending and juicing. What makes it different than traditional juicers or blenders, though? It helps retain most of the fibers from the ingredients, so people would get the best health benefits from the juiced or blended fruits/veggies.

You can use Vitamix as a juice and find new interesting recipes every day, for sure. Recently, a popular recipe to try is the frozen strawberry grape juice which is both fresh and healthy. People usually make it during hot summer days and mix it with ice cubes! Have no worries, you can simply remove the fibers by filtering!

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