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Can Blendtec make juice?

Blendtec JuicerApart from Vitamix, another popular product used for blending is called Blendtec. Despite the different name, it functions almost as the same as the competitor. Not only it is used for blending, the equipment is used for making juices. Can Blendtec make juice? Is that true? Perhaps many people consider the product is only meant for making blended drinks. Well, they are wrong because they can make use of it for other purposes, especially juicing. What they need to do is to use a filter to get the soft texture of the blended ingredients and throw away the solid ones.

Blendtec is Good for Blending and Juicing

Modern people recognize Blendtec as a reliable tool to prepare healthy meals and drinks either for themselves, friends, or families. The fact is that it is better than other blenders people can find in the market. Thanks to the functionality. Users only need to use their finger to operate the machine and it will do lots of work in an efficient manner. The fact is that 6 buttons are available to operate which provide a different type of meals or drinks. These include juices, ice cream, crush, batters, and even soups!

In fact, the manufacturers have developed a new product that is able to make juices right away after blending. That means Blendtec is considered a little bit better than its rival, which is Vitamix. What people need to do is to click the button and leave it for a while. The product even has a good consistency due to the great performance (featuring 3-4 horsepower)! No wonder, it is able to crush ices and any hard fruits or vegetables easily.

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When it comes to making juices using Blendtec, many users are impressed with its simplicity and durability. In fact, the product can last for years and it comes with a 3-year warranty as well. The best thing is that the blades come with a lifetime warranty! In order to retain the quality of the product, it is important to check the condition of the blades whether it gets rusted or not. If users find some issues regarding the condition, they should replace the blades with the new ones. Those blades are considered the most crucial part of the tool, after all.

More Important Facts to Know

Not only Blendtec is good for making juices, people can use it to blend dry products. That means it is able to blend various ingredients that come with different textures including fruits, vegetables, ice cubes, and much more. During the process of juice making, though, users need to make sure there is no leak.

In a nutshell, Blendtec can be used for both juicing and blending. It depends on users’ preference, after all. The tool comes with a great power and versatility, after all. In order to make the process simple and better, some extra tools are needed like blender lid, funnel cap, and a jar. Once the process is done, the last thing to do is to clean the tool by washing it on running water (soap included).

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