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What Is the Best Juice for A Diabetic to Drink

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Lemon-Juice-for A Diabetic to Drink

Having the right blood sugar level is a crucial thing as fuel for the brain, nervous system, and other body tissues. Various foods that contain carbohydrates, proteins, and fats could produce blood sugar for the body. In this article, I will show you what is the best juice for a diabetic to drink. Before that, let’s learn about diabetes.

However, when the levels of blood sugar increase, it could make you diabetic. Diabetes happens when your body fails to produce insulin and causes high blood sugar levels. The worst part, this disease can cause other complications which can affect the entire body.

Many people will never like this condition due to the foods limitation that they can eat. Sugar, for example, has become the essential thing that you should avoid.  A healthy lifestyle is crucial prevent the rise in blood sugar. One of them is by drinking and eating healthy food frequently.

What Is the Best Juice for A Diabetic to Drink?

High-fiber foods and drinks are known to have a major effect in reducing blood sugar levels and for diabetics. Below is a list of juice that you can drink to lower blood sugar levels.

  1. Bitter melon juice

Have you ever heard about bitter melon? This tropical fruit grows widely in Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. Like its name, bitter melon tastes bitter. Some people probably won’t like it in their first try. However, behind the bitter taste, it could help you to increase the insulin resistance and reduce high blood sugar levels.That is why it is the best juice for a diabetic to drink. To minimize the bitterness of this fruit, rinse it with salt water before you make it into a glass of juice.

  1. Green apple juice
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Drinking green apple juice can help prevent diabetes. This fruit is one of the healthy foods that diabetic could eat. A single apple is not only high in fiber, but it also contains pectin – fiber which reduces blood sugar levels by a half. You can mix green apple juice with few drops of lemon water to add more flavor.

  1. Watermelon juice

Because of the sweet, people thought that diabetic should not eat or drink this fruit. However, do you know this fruit is surprisingly good for diabetic? Watermelon contains many vitamins that good for the body. This fruit contains vitamin A which helps to maintain the health of your cells, vitamin C which helps against free radicals and potassium which could reduce high blood pressure, balance blood circulation. Besides, watermelon is also fat-free and contains no cholesterol, which is very important for people with diabetes. It turns out that watermelon also contains carotenoid lycopene which serves as an antioxidant and helps lower the glucose levels.

  1. Lemon Juice

It is apparent that lemon contains soluble fiber which is ideal for people with diabetes to reduce the blood sugar levels. Moreover, the soluble fiber in this fruit is also beneficial for reducing the absorption of carbohydrates and restrict the absorption of fat in the body. Vitamin C also helps against free radicals. In addition to the high soluble fiber and vitamin C, lemon juice has a low glycemic index to maintain the blood sugar.

  1. Tomato juice

Glycemic index in this fruit is not too high. Therefore, drinking tomato juice or just a few slices of tomato does not have much impact on the person with diabetes.

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Those are the list of what is the best juice for a diabetic to drink. By Drinking the juice every day, It could lower the risk of diabetes.



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