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5 Day Juice Cleanse Program Menu

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To do a 5 day juice cleanse program, you might get confused what should you eat in the long five days. You think that eating the same juice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner will end up as a boring thing. That is what makes many people give up on the program even before starting.

5 Day Juice Cleanse Program MenuTo prevent that kind of condition, we offer you a win-win solution that will make your 5 day juice program runs well. These are the examples of the daily menu you might concern while taking the program.

First Menu: Orange Juices

This kind of juice is simple because it does not need complex materials. We can find the materials easily in our kitchen. To make orange juices, all we need is just some carrots, apples, lemons, gingers and also beets. We can combine those materials into delicious and fresh orange juices. For examples, we can make carrot apple lemon juice, carrot-apple-ginger juice, and sunrise juice. These juices will make your 5 day juice cleanse program more cheerful and tasty.

Second Menu:  Green Juices

Many fruits and vegetables in green color can be the materials of this juice. Let us see; we can use spinach as our main ingredient.  We can also take cucumbers to make a green juice. Just combine these two little ingredients with apples, kale leaves, parsley, celery, gingers, and lemon will flush out the monotonous juice menu within your 5 day juice cleanse program. Besides, they will provide you the nutrients to cover up your energy need.

Third Menu: Red Juices

The color of red might rise your appetite to drink more healthy juice while doing the 5 day juice cleanse program.  To get this kind of juices, you do not need to go far. Just stay in your kitchen and open your refrigerator. All you need is there. Then, what are the fruits and vegetables we can use to make red juices? First, we can use watermelon. Second, we can take beets. We can combine them with other fruits and vegetables such as apples, carrots, gingers, orange, basil leaves, and lime. The red juice recipes you might try are un-beet-able juice, sporty spice juice, and watermelon crush juice.

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Fourth Menu: Purple Juices

Drink purple juices may be giving the unordinary feelings for those who take 5 day juice cleanse program. This beautiful color is catchy, and it attracts everyone to drink it at once. It is necessary to prepare some fruits and vegetables when we make purple juices. You might need sweet potatoes, ripe peaches, red apple, blueberries, cinnamon, red grapes, mint leaves, watermelon, and kale leaves. The variation purple juices recipes you can try at home are peach pie delight juice, purple passion and red juice, and white, blue and green juice.

Fifth Menu: Drink lots of Water

Besides consuming some juices, do not forget to charge your body by providing enough water. Moreover, it will be good if you can drink two glasses of hot water after you wake up. You may also add lemon and ginger to it. It will help you to relax and healthy to face the day.

Do the 5 day juice cleanse program may feel hard in the beginning. However, we still can try to make it fun with preparing some unique menu. The variation of the color of the juices will make us as if we eat a rainbow every day. Take your chance and taste the rainbow!

5 Day Juice Cleanse Program Menu

5 Day Juice Cleanse Program Menu – Click Here

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